Sunday, July 31, 2011

Travel Bug

So, we can save up a good amount of money for a decent overseas trip by next summer. We just have to choose where. On the list: Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Geneva, among others. Italy is pretty much out of the picture, the flights are as high as flights to Greece, but the cost to sleep and eat there is exorbitant. Tokyo also has cheap flights, but hotels are a bit pricey and we'd probably have a better time in another city, like Kyoto, where there is more historic things to do. South and Central America are still on the table, but not on the forefront.

We're also throwing around the idea of going to visit Chris's cousins in Hawaii. With no hotel expenses, we wouldn't have to spend too much for that trip. They live in Maui, which everyone says is the most beautiful of the islands. I just want to sit on the beach and hike through the forest with my new husband and my new family. I think it would be awesome.

It's amazing to me that although Chris and I don't make a lot, we have a great cushion and the discipline to save up for things that we want to do. I get frustrated at the fact that I don't have as many options to go to school because I have to work mon-fri from 8-3:30 in order to pay bills and save up that money. Jobs that generally work nights and weekends are usually the lowest paid, like retail and fast food, so I'm not complaining that I have to work mon-fri, I'm complaining that not enough classes are offered outside of those hours. It's a real failure of the higher education system to make classes available to the most amount of people. Anyway, enough of that, I'm ready to go on a bike ride.

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  1. It gets better.

    .....not to mention we're going to Europe again. Probably.