Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google, Why Do You Make Shit Out of Good Ideas?

Google News personalization is useless to me if I can't go to my sections and remove sources and articles I don't want to hear from. Why can't I remove Christian Post from my Atheism section? I even added it to the "adjust sources" bar and it's still showing up! Before this last remodel, I could click on an "x" and choose to not see stories from whoever published the story.

Does anyone know of a better news aggregator that will lay out everything in topics like Google News? Twitter is almost useless because I have to scroll through my feed to see the stories I want and most News profiles tweet all the fucking time with shit that's useless to me. I need News! I need better News! Give me News or give me death!

It's just tiring that Google does this stuff. I'm really not all that excited about Google+ being more than a place for people who already hate facebook or aren't on facebook to go and talk about how much they hate facebook. In the way that Google changes things, changes privacy settings and tries to constantly show me content I could give a shit about, they are definitely, definitely the New Facebook.

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