Friday, July 15, 2011

Sac State Students

Funny I've never heard a UC student talk bad about a CSU student, but CSU students think it's game to make vague caricatures of UC students and laugh about it online. Both Sac State and UC Davis are essential to the Sacramento area not becoming the Central Valley's Oakland, but even the ex president of the Sac State Young Dems has to be taken from my friends list because he's such an asshole about it. What does that say about your own school, Mr John Ryan? You're the one at Harry Potter right now with nothing better to do than insult people you've never met to make yourself feel better.

If you can't appreciate your own school without hating on another one, you don't have much of an argument.

The update that ended it was something to the effect of, "The theater where I'm watching Harry Potter has an air of self-importance. Must be full of UC Davis students." This was only one of many such pitiful caricatures of the students in my town, but I'd never heard a word on the Davis side about Sac State students. It's as if the "rivalry" wouldn't exist without the Sac State students perpetuating this.

It's sad, because I know there are students who have gone to both schools and had a great experience at both. The two schools are a big part of keeping Sacramento from dying and both are part of California's public higher education system that is trying to compete with private colleges like USC so that college can be a little more affordable for Californians. They both have their own culture and their own strong points, such as Sac's social work degree program or Davis's vets. Riding onto a campus and smelling a farm is awesome to a girl like me who grew up in a farm town. It's quaint.

Both schools are good but there is quite a number of Sac State students that are so "self-important" that they have to build this mythology behind their causeway rivalry in order to make themselves feel better. I met a lot of these kids at California Young Dems events and they seem like nice people until they start bashing a school they've probably never been to. If they want to build their own school up, they should try pointing out it's qualities rather than insulting others.

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