Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shopping Trip

It was a very productive day today. Chris and I took a trip up Highway 80 to all white peoples' favorite store: IKEA!!!

The mission: to find a book shelf for the corner of the living room by our bedroom door. Early on, we came across a Bestå. It's not as deep or wide as our Billy, and a little shorter, which was just what we were looking for. We decided to think on it while we explored the rest of IKEA!!!! (I have to write it in all caps and with exclamation points, I'm sorry).

At the marketplace floor we found some more things we needed for the house, including but not limited to: plastic storage boxes, dish brushes and a garlic press. We decided to go ahead and get our Bestå (which I've mistakenly called a Blerta, Blesta, Bertha, Blasta, Basty and a Basta) and realized we had forgotten the name of the extra shelves we wanted to buy for it. Poor Chris had to run all the way up to the show room and back to get the name (which completely escapes me at this point; such trouble it was to remember the name of the case itself).

Mission Accomplished, we proceeded up to Highway 5 and went to Bed, Bath & Beyond. We each got new pillows and can now sleep comfortably. I got the apple corer and banana hanger I wanted as well as a new knife set (thank goodness, too, because the Big Lots knives were about to mysteriously disappear into a lake). As well as all this, we also got wonderful new flatware, a duster and measuring cup the size of a shot glass (sooo cute). We even got 10% off our entire purchase because we registered there.

This trip was as productive as our Target trip last week! (When I got an awesome new welcome mat, a kitchen mat and a strawberry huller). The best thing about it was that I was doing this married stuff with my husband that I had seen couples doing when I'd go window shopping at these stores by myself as a single woman. <3 Love! I love it! What a great Saturday!

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