Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day Three

I'm going to call Monday "Day One" because it's easy and it's the first day I stayed under my net Calories. So today is Day Three and I was fortunate enough to have been scheduled with a walking group today. Due to the nature of the work I do, I can only tell you I was able to add thirty minutes of light walking to my exercise count today. It made a nice buffer and allowed me a burrito bowl at Chipotle for dinner.

Chris and I ride bikes and went shooting. I haven't been shooting in awhile, but I really wanted to get some ducks. That would be photography shots, by the way. No, I do not kill animals.

The problem I find with bright days is that I can't get the camera to capture the light that I see with my eye. I'm still not great at setting for the highlights and I'm beginning to like the Cannon's auto white balance less and less. Fortunately, shooting in RAW allows me to fix it up later in PS, but I always feel like that's cheating, even though all the info is in the RAW file already. It's a fine line.

My twitter was hacked last week. Nothing serious, just a link to tumblr posted that said I won a starbuck's card. But today my tumblr was hacked, and both those are linked to my facebook and twitter. I revoked tumblr's privileges and changed my password, but the thing is, my password before was pretty freakin strong. I'm looking into it now, but something is up. I don't let my laptop on public wifi, and I wonder if I have used a network on my phone that could have put me at risk. As of now, I can't think of any and I thought the exploit for this kind of tomfoolery was a firefox thing. We'll see what develops. It's just strange to me all this is starting now all if a sudden after all my carefulness.

Going to the State Fair tomorrow and then the Punch Line on Friday. Chris won tickets for him and nine friends. Lucky us! Over halfway through the week now. I'll be glad when it's over. I found out some pretty depressing news on Monday about someone, but in the end I have some really awesome friends who care a lot about me and I know I can get through the tough times so I can enjoy the good. And that's all for Day Three. Oh yeah-down four pounds from Dr's office weigh-in last week and down 1.4 since Day One. Go me!

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