Sunday, July 17, 2011


Switching all your google products from one email/username to another is extremely difficult. The most oft-used products don't allow for their multiple sign-in features. Picture it: Blogger, YouTube, Reader and Friend Connect all don't allow for multiple sign-in, which means you have to sign out of one account and go back into your old one in order to do anything with them. With Blogger and Friend Connect, I've simply made my new account the main one and re-followed the people I followed before (which means that those who I am following will now have two Katie's following them). I had to go to other sites and add the RSS feeds to my reader because there's no way to import them. As for YouTube, I don't want to have to re-upload all my videos and change all the links and embeds already on the blog. I don't have any idea how I'm even going to use YouTube anymore for embedding to the blog. It's a big mess.

If Google's ultimate goal is to move everything to the cloud, they are going to have to make it easier to change profile names, info, etc. Not that I'd be comfortable with storing everything on my computer in the cloud anyway, especially the sad privacy record that companies like Google hold, but it would still be nice if they made their products easier to use to accommodate things like name changes, status changes, marriages, adoptions, etc. For now, I have to juggle all these things until I eventually can phase out Katie Pope entirely or Google figures out a way to make it easier for me.

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