Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garry's Birthday

I got to be in Placerville for awhile. Didn't visit the homies because it was Chris's Dad's birthday so it was famdamly time. Almost turned toward the road to Apt 44, but it was 11:15 and Chris mentioned we might not want to go knockin' where it might be rockin', if you know what I mean.

We got Garry the best birthday card! On the front it has pictures of sequoias and talks about how birthdays always remind us of the strong, tall redwoods that stand for centuries. On the inside it says, "thank you for planting them." That was an epic moment.

Chris and I spent the ride home reminiscing about our Europe trip last summer. It's almost been a year. It's still so vivid in my mind, though. We're in talks about where we're going to go when we go back, probably next year or the year after. Let the saving begin again!

All in all a pretty good day. Bridal shower next week, invitations going out, paper goods the weekend after that. Things are really coming together. Did I mention I'm getting married in the five year anniversary of our first kiss??? <3

Good night world.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Please share, even if you can't give

Yesterday, one of my big sister's closest friends lost her husband in a car accident. She's a stay-at-home mom with two young kids. This tragedy hits pretty close to home, so I'm asking that if you can't give to the Pay-Pal on the link, please share this on your facebook, twitter, blogs, etc, so that hopefully someone who can, will. Thank you.

In memory of Tim Chapman

Saturday, April 23, 2011


~Picnic Day in Davis last weekend was great. For example:


~I'm cooking for Chris's parents tomorrow for Easter. I'm playing it safe and doing spaghetti and meatballs. Je suis nerveuse.

~Can't wait for Disneyland!

~Look what I saw on a plant the other day!


I'm calm

Alright, alright. Another look at things after a full night's sleep and I am no longer freaking out about things. Chris and I got a lot done today. His mom is bringing her cutter tomorrow so we can assemble our awesome invitations that Chris designed (hint: make sure you marry a graphic designer, it's super helpful).

I didn't want to do the typical candy-almond in mesh with ribbon wedding favor that everyone throws away, so Chris's mom is doing bags that match the tartan and we're putting a chocolate in them with a wallet-size pic of Chris and I (one of the pics under "Engagement Photos" on Chris's facebook). We did three different poses so that people can compare which ones they got. It'll be like trading cards-hahah!

Only a few more thousand things to worry about until the wedding now! I'm so grateful it's down from a million. Time for dinner, peeps. Peace out.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm up

And realizing that putting things off wedding because I couldn't afford them didn't help at all. Now I still can't afford anything and there's no time left. I don't even have my contact lenses yet. Fuck weddings. For real.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1 month, 29 days, 19 hours

Coming down to the wire. I've got a list of things that need to be done each week to put this wedding on. Mostly last minute arrangements like cutlery and napkins. We've got walking songs and first dances nailed down already. I'm scared and excited at the same time. And I really want to see Cowboys and Aliens. Just so you all know.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Picnic Day, etc.

~Picnic Day is coming up this weekend! It will be the first year we don't have to wake up early to drive an hour to be on time to see the parade. We'll bike in. I'm so excited!!

~I'd like to shout out to Caffino on the corner of Olive Drive and Richards. They forgot my cream once and gave me a free coffee the next day. They are super nice and always remember my cream now. They are super fast, too. I remember sitting at the Bean Barn in Placerville for ten minutes once while someone ordered some froo-froo latte drink. Bleck.

~I got to go to ASL class tonight. Class was cancelled on Monday. I love ASL! It's probably the most fun class I've ever taken. I can now tell you who I am, how old I am, all about my family, hobbies, work, school, language history and what I'm doing this week, among other things. I'm really finding a passion for it and the more I learn about Deaf culture, the more I want to advocate for awareness. Go ahead, ask me about my blue ribbon!

~I've finished my taxes. California wants to give me back eighty-four dollars. They really could keep it. They kept $130 and I don't think that's very much at all considering I live in the greatest state in the Union and it's in trouble. I'd rather my money go to the clients I serve who are getting an additional 175 million dollars cut from the services that protect them from harm, neglect and homelessness. Every time I think about it, I feel sad inside.

~I'm thinking about joining a coed rec softball league in May. We'll see. I can turn in a "player profile" and get hooked up with an existing or new team, or I could try to start my own. I don't really know that many people in Davis, though, so I'll probably just hitch onto another team. I really enjoyed softball last year on the Roseville Women's league.

~Wedding is coming up. Bridal shower is on the 7th next month. My mom is up to something and she's being real secretive about it. I have to wait to find out what she's up to. I don't know whether to be excited or scared!

~I realized at the card store the other day as I passed the Birthday section that I would be able to pick out a card this August for Chris's birthday that says, "To my Husband" on it. Yeah, that's trippy.

~I'm getting really excited about our Disneyland Honeymoon as well. I'm going to totally get the Minnie ears with the veil. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Super Mario Bros. 3

After a long night of jumping and flying through worlds and still losing all my lives in a game that I've played since I was little, I've come to the conclusion that games were harder in the '80s than they are today. Black Ops? Pussy shit. try level 5-6 on SMB 3. Master Chief has a purty new suit, you say? Mario can turn into a frog. Just sayin'.

Chris and I have hooked up the N64, the NES and the Genesis and it is clear that the most challenging games are from these classic systems, not the console worth hundreds with a built-in blue ray player gathering dust in our cabinet. Some games are almost too hard to play, such as Battle for Olympus on NES and The Lion King on Genesis. Some are nostalgically fun for about ten minutes, like Super Mario 2 (which wasn't originally a Mario game in Japan and is nothing like any other Mario game in the world). Some classics, though, are close to the heart and challenging without being too hard. SMB 3 is one of those games.

So while our Playstation sits there, we're moving on to games like Sonic 3. Peace out everyone!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Let's Frizz!

When I got to class tonight, there was no class (boo hoo, I freaking LOVE ASL class), so Chris and I went to Target to pick up a frisbee. They had one for 10 dollars. No thank you.

So we went to the Dollar Tree on E. 8th and picked up "Pro Disk" frisbee-like things that you can throw and they get carried by the wind somehow. Mostly, they just fall over or flip upside down. It's an interesting game, not like any frisbee game I've ever played.

Chris coined a new phrase out of our adventures. On the way to Community Park, he started saying he wanted to "go Frizz." Ok, Chris. Let's go Frizz. We had a good time, and we think our new slang word will catch on.

Everybody do the Frizz!!

Acqua di

Oh no. They've made an Acqua di for women. Since Chris isn't much a cologne guy, I've never bothered to get him Acqua di, but I always stop and smell it at Macy's. It's my favorite in the whole wide world.

Well, now they've made one for women. I smelled it today for the first time and it's literally the best thing since...well, since they started making Cool Water Women. Yeah. It's that awesome.

That's all.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Sometimes you face the day and all that's left intact is your integrity.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It Hurts

Because it's supposedly a "family" oriented thing that is supposed to teach "morals" and "tolerance." It hurts because there's no way to not offend someone simply for having no belief, as if I don't believe just to piss them off.

It hurts because I see the fear in her eyes when we get close to the subject of my "soul" after my body dies and she can't imagine what "Heaven" would be without her sister yet she doesn't understand the inconsistency of a God who wouldn't let me in.

It hurts because she'll never listen to my story, she'll never hear how long and hard the path to atheism took and how no matter how I looked at it, I couldn't bend the evidence in favor enough to let me have a leap of faith; the gap was too wide. It hurts because she'll never hear it, not because she can't, but because she won't. She simply won't listen.