Monday, July 4, 2011

Good Riddance

My big sister didn't come to my wedding. She's been flaking on me while also trying to control my wedding planning (she didn't get the wedding she wanted; hers was basically a shotgun wedding because the pastor in her new church was upset that her and her man were living together unwed) and the last insult was when she insisted that I let her bring her eight-year-old stepson to my bridal shower or she would have to "drive all the way up to Placerville (from El Dorado Hills) and all the way down to Franklin and then all the way back" to drop him off at my Dad's house to watch him.

Thing is, he was already supposed to be gone that weekend on a trip with his dad, but she also tried to make me feel guilty about that-for having my bridal shower on Mother's Day weekend when her family would be on this trip and she would have to spend the weekend alone just to come to my shower. How dare I? I told her to not bother coming to the shower or the wedding. I had already moved the location of the wedding because she had complained that a separate ceremony with just a few people followed by a large reception to include everyone was unfair if her kids couldn't come to both. Yet, she didn't even invite our step-sisters to her wedding at all and got mad at my Mom for saying that they would have their feelings hurt. Selfish, self-centered, hypocrite.

A few days before the wedding my husband texted her and told her that her and her family were still invited. She never answered, only telling my father that she didn't want to hear it from Chris, but from her. So after my dad pleaded with me to make some sort of gesture, I texted her phone. She never answered, but texted me later from her husband's phone, claiming hers was out of power and she "wasn't near an outlet," (her default excuse for not getting in touch with people when she's being a flake), and just wanted to wish me  a happy day. I asked her if she had gotten Chris's text and she said she'd rather hear it from me. Like my husband can't speak for both of us. So I finally gave in and said, "Look, you're my sister and I love you. I'd love for you to come, but ultimately it's your decision." She NEVER answered.

I used to think my sister's sudden migraines or cramps before family get-togethers and times when she said she wanted to hang out were just that, medical issues that she's just happens to have. But they were always so convenient and they didn't happen when she'd go to see her in-laws or drive to Bodega Bay with her husband or up to Redding for hunting trips. None of those places were too far to drive, either, but dropping her step-son off in Placerville to come to my bridal shower was just a gruesome drive.

She knew I was starting to be on to her about the convenient head-aches, so before my bridal shower, she made sure to have some other way to manipulate the situation and kept her step-son home and telling me (not even asking me), "Terren is coming to the Bridal Shower. Is that going to be a problem?" If this had been her own friend's bridal shower, would she have even asked at all? I highly doubt. That's just who my sister is: she walks all over people to get what she wants and manipulates people to try to look good while she's doing it.

Afterwards, she even lied to our little sister, saying that our Mom put all this stuff in my head and that's why I got mad at her. Our Mom had nothing to do with it. My sister makes the bed she lies in and she can lie there so self-righteous now with her new family and her new church and all her bullshit being the sly terror that she is. Good riddance. She won't be hearing from me again.

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