Saturday, July 9, 2011


Haha. So when I signed up for Google+, there were all these email contacts that needed to go into circles and so I started putting people in circles without ever making any sense of them or investigating how the whole thing works. I thought they worked like facebook lists, where you list people and then put your privacy settings to include this or that list. Apparently, it's a little different, so I accidently added Chris's ex to the same circle as my big sister, who has clearly shown she doesn't want to be a part of our lives. I named the circle "Google Negative," thinking it was a clever pun (I crack myself up).

I soon found out that this actually means that I've included these people in my Google + contacts. Whoops! So I removed them from the circles and clicked on the "x" next to their names to permanently hide them, but I wanted to clear things up, so I now have to email these people to let them know it was an accident. Awkwaaarrrrdddd! I actually had to tell Chris's ex how to remove me because she couldn't figure it out. Don't you just love these uncomfortable social situations that these lovely networking sites can get you into? I think LinkedIn did it to her (did I blog about that?) I kept giving invites to her LinkedIn and I kept emailing her to stop but they kept coming and she never answered me about them (but can answer within a few minutes about a mistaken email invite. Psssshhh).

Any way, done is done. Awkwardness or not, sometimes the right thing just needs to be done, like apologizing for sending email invites when they never should have been sent. It's just part of being a grown up.

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