Sunday, July 31, 2011

Punch Line Part 2

Chris won the Dimple drawing last week for ten tickets to the Punch Line is Sacramento. We saw Jim Jefferies, who was absolutely hysterically funny. This week, I was the lucky winner, so we went and saw Dov Davidson, who was also very funny, but Jim Jefferies ruined stand-up for me and I'll forever compare other acts to his. That's saying a lot, because Dov Davidson was flippin' hilarious, but Jim is still at the top in my book. My mom also won tickets, so we're going back in August. She's busy next week when Dat Phan will be there, so we will miss his show (boo hoo) but I'm convinced that any show at the Punch Line is going to be a good one, especially if it's free. A good night with good friends.

Speaking of friends, Chris and I are trying to save up money for a trip next year with a couple of our good friends. If we can save enough, Greece; that would be best case scenario. Other possible destinations include Belize, Panama or even New Orleans or somewhere on the East Coast, like Boston. Anyway, we all have the travel bug and we really want to go out of the country so we're looking at all our options. Anyway, it's been a good night and I'm ready for bed now.

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