Sunday, July 24, 2011

Putah Creek and Sophia's

What a beautiful day! We started it by going on a hike down the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve in west Davis. All the land on the North side of the creek is owned and maintained by the University. It's protected, so there's a ton of wildlife scurrying about and it's very peaceful without any motor vehicles or cyclists. It does pass under 80/113 and one of the railroad bridges, so you do hear cars eventually, but otherwise it's just a valley hiking trail.

I used to think the valley was ugly and hot, but getting to know the wildlife and the ecosystem, I'm starting to like it more and more. Hawks screech in the distance, hares dart out of the way, reeds grow as tall as your head near the creek while grass grows sideways from being blown by the wind. It smells like baked dirt. It reminds me of romping around Tracy where I grew up.

We got home, got cleaned up and did our shopping and then went on a bike ride. We stopped by Borders for their going out of business sale, but the place had tables marked "30% off" full of books that were only 10% off, which you only find out at the register after waiting in a long line. The only thing to say at that point is, "No wonder you people are going out of business."

We went to see a couple bands at Sophia's Thai Kitchen tonight. Tha Dirt Feelin followed Wooster. The first was great! I had to find their website and explore some more. Wooster was also very good, but the patio area got so crowded that I started feeling uncomfortable and a bit headache-y so we went home and did some reading of our travel journals for Chris's movie montage about Europe. If he can finish up a few things and complete rendering tonight, we'll be able to watch it tomorrow! I can't wait!

Today was a very good Saturday. I'm in Happily Ever After mode, just loving my husband and exploring my town. I look forward to our adventures tomorrow, but now I think it's about time for bed. Goodnight world.

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