Tuesday, July 5, 2011

everything is new

Everything is new. Everything. I saw someone in my friend suggestion I don't ever want to see again. So I preemptively scrolled through some friends of friends and blocked people I hope to never hear from again. People I don't even want looking at my profile picture.

I also blocked my husband's creepy ex on twitter. She's been angry at me for getting with him five years ago, then friendly with me, then we didn't talk a whole lot, then she got really silent after we got engaged. It's just creepy that she follows my twitter.

Everything is new. All the bad stuff (like my previous entry) doesn't even have a place in my happily ever after. Old memories of people hurting me to protect their own friends or using me to prop their own egos up don't belong in the joy that is living with my best friend in the best little college town that anyone could dream up. Life is a fairy tale, if you let it be.

Everything is new. Life is joy. Love is strong. The end.

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