Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, Goodnight, Sweet Prince

UPDATE: I should clarify that the statement below calling 2011 shitty was not from the perspective that I personally think it was shitty. For me, it was a great year. I should have elaborated. The world lost a lot of big names, including Steve Jobs and Christopher Hitchens. Republicans took power in the House and proceeded to do nothing for the nation and there's a chance that someone I could meet this next year either was, or saw, a student who was peppers prayed in the face. Anyway, correction made, carry on.

Tonight we wave goodbye to 2011 in true Millennial fashion. We're going to a party we've RSVP'd to via Facebook, and will be tweeting the events of the night via our smartphones, having intellectual conversations (hopefully not too many) with young hopefuls who see 2012 as the next greatest year of their lives. They might be right, or it could just be that in retrospect, 2011 was just so shitty.

I don't think I'll know a lot of people at this party. It's an opportunity to reconnect with a friend from Placerville who just moved to Davis. Despite our efforts to connect and "do something sometime" we haven't been able to make it happen until said Facebook encounter. Social Media has changed the way we party.

If you've been following my blog, you know I haven't made very many local friends and I haven't made any I see on a regular basis. The moments I have in the Placerville area hanging out with my besties are cherished moments and the one or two times I've been able to connect with coworkers outside of the daily grind hold me over from becoming a cabin-fevered maniac, driving my poor husband insane (or, more so than usual), but on this New Year's Eve I'm reminded that I don't have to give up any connections to make new ones. (Cue cliché reference to "Auld Lang Syne). After all, should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Hell no, I'll see my homies in the New Year.

Please have a safe holiday, everyone, and remember there's no excuse to drink and drive. Peace.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Happy Christmas, everyone! So, you'll all be jelly when you hear what Chris and I are taking home this Christmas.

First mentionable, we got a roaster. That's right. Removable lining for easy cleaning. I'm going to buy a whole damn chicken tomorrow and try that thing out.

We got tons of goodies from both sides of the fam. Yummies and coffees and things. Socks and pretty smelling shower gel. I got a mini muffin tin, a camelbak, a bike light and a bike speedometer. I also got a can of pepper spray for when I jog in the morning. I got three books. One is the fifth boom from A Song of Ice and Fire, one by Temple Grandin and the other is a book by the author of Buddhism Without Beliefs, which is awesome because he does a great job of laying out the principles of Dharma without the superstitious stuff getting in the way.

Chris got two PS3 games and A set of the Star Trek movies. I won't be seeing him for awhile, I can be assured.

Best of all, I got to spend the holidays with my awesome, quirky, fun family and my wonderful husband. That's more than I could ask for. I hope everyone had a great holiday! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


His last years after his cancer diagnosis were spent using the time he had left to do the greatest good that he could. He offered his own medical condition to doctors to test new treatments, knowing it wouldn't improve his chances. He did it for the next generation. He continued to be outspoken against the atrocities of organized religions and refused to allow any zealots to make the mistake of claiming he might have a "deathbed conversion." He was a role model for humanism and for furthering the scope of science and rational thought to the very end. He will be truly missed.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Testing the new Blogger app

Let's see how it does photos.

Bout to do dis

Cross Fiiiiiit! Fucking love Mondays and Wednesdays. Next week I get to add Tuesdays. Yayah!

And I got a bunch of Xmas shopping done. Damn, I'm fired up!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4th, 2011

Folks, we're just over one year away from the end of the Mayan calendar. You know what that means. Time to buy those Mayans a new desk calendar! I'm thinking one of those "joke a day" calendars, to keep them smiling into the next 5,126 year cycle.

Holidays are coming up. Who's excited? Chris and I are going to put the tree up tonight. We have tons of extra ornaments Chris's mom found under the house. Two whole boxes to go on our three-foot fake tree. Where are all the ornaments going to go, you may ask. Well, the extras will go in my mom's garage. I finally found a family member to store our stuff with. We have way too much of stuff, but we don't want to get rid of everything because it's stuff we'd like to have when we have a larger place someday. In the meantime, I don't rightly know how to slow the influx of stuff from well-meaning family members that keep us in their thoughts every time they go to the thrift store. Oh, married life.

Niner game at 1pm, then I'm taking a trip to North Highlands to help a friend out, and when I get back, CHRISTMAS TREEEEEE!!! I'm excited. Hope everyone's having a good weekend.