Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Once again.

I've deleted Gowalla and Foursquare for good. Gowalla rolled out their new update and got rid of every Pin I had except for the USA and California pins. All my Disney pins, gone. All the items, gone. All the foursquare badges lately have been nothing but corporate promotions that you can't even do anything to get unless you live in LA, New York or another of a very small selection of cities. Facebook places checks me in with my friends when we go to cool places and want other people to know where we've been. Other than that, the games are dead.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Crossfit 9.

It's almost over. Nine out if twelve classes. I am going to miss this place. I really like these guys. They are so sweet and encouraging, yet they make me work my butt off. I had that one day where I thought the guy was being rude, but it was only a singular incident, and every time since has been a success. I will miss them terribly if I don't get a gym membership. Let's see what my husband says.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Updates and Rants, 10-22-11

October has been as busy as September. We have had something planned every weekend since early September now and we are looking at not having a free weekend well into November. I have forgotten what it's like to wake up on a Saturday and not get showered and dressed until 1pm. Since September we've gone to Monterey, Daly City, Placerville, had people over, seen a couple of our best friends get married, had some great times. I'm not complaining, but it will be nice one of these days to just not go anywhere.

I took my ASL midterm last week and scored a 49 out of 50 points. I was seriously nervous, too! I thought for sure I had at most a C. I could have sworn my teacher looked confused half of the time, but my nerves were just playing tricks on me.

There are people in class that are just helluv rude. They talk out loud on purpose and giggle about it. Not only is it disrespectful to our Deaf teacher, but it's also distracting while we're trying to get instruction from him. One douche-ass stood in front of the class during an exercise where we were describing relationships and made something up about having a girlfriend. That's fine, but when he sat down he said so everyone could hear, "I'm actually single," just to get a laugh. They will all lose the last laugh when their grades come in. My friends and I are telling the teacher who and when the speaking is going on. Yup, I'm a snitch and I don't care.

It's one thing when people whisper to each other to help each other out, but it's another entirely to speak just because the professor can't hear. You would think that in the second level ASL class these students would have a little bit of respect for Deaf people and for the language, but no. I'm sure you've heard this rant before, but it's something that really bothers me. Anyway, that's all the rant I have for tonight.

Mom's up this weekend. We've been hanging out, going to the jazz festival downtown. We went to Davis Common to the Main stage at first. After awhile we realized there was another stage across the street. We went over and listened for awhile. We painted on their art wall in front of the Natsoulas Gallery and then went in and showed mom the staircase of art and the roof. She loved it.

Mom took Chris and I to Ali Baba's for dinner tonight and it was wonderful as ever. It's been a great day. Next weekend, Halloween party!! Weekend after that, Eid!! I'm making cake pops, chili and mulled cider. I was thinking about making a pumpkin pie, but I will probably just buy one, with all the cooking I'll already be doing. Here's to the holiday season!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My last blog was almost two weeks ago! How ever shall I highlight the events that took place? Busy, busy, busy, I've been!

ASL 2 class is going well. I have a final coming up next Tuesday. I feel pretty confident sometimes and other times I sit up in bed while I'm trying to go to sleep and start signing in the dark to make sure I really know what I'm doing.

Last Friday Chris and I went to the Linguistics Dept. welcome dinner and I met a lot of his professors. I also met a researcher from Center for Mind and Brain who does a lot of work with ASL. He told me he knew my professor and so I told my professor last class that I had met him. I had a whole conversation with my teacher in ASL about it and felt like a million bucks afterward. I hadn't been able to really have an impromptu conversation in ASL with any Deaf people yet. I remember the first time I spoke to someone whose native language was French, all in French. It's a good feeling.

There was also Marzipan torte there from Konditorei on 5th Street. It's the same bakery Chris and I went to on the day after we got back from our honeymoon while we waited for my flat tire to be fixed. I fell in love. It will forever be my birthday cake from now on. I had just one slice, but I didn't want to eat anything else ever again because I wanted to remember that taste. I am looking forward to February 25th.

I went back to Cross Fit. It was a lot better the next few times. I have five classes under my belt and I feel stronger each time and I'm a lot less sore the next day than I was that first week.

I went and saw my little sister Michelle, and her boyfriend Graham in Daly City last weekend. I played with her bunny, Waffle, who looooves pets and lets people hold him all day long. He's so soft and cute! I want a Holland Lop!!!

We had a great time! Sushi Saturday night and our own Star Trek original series marathon the next day, followed by The Wrath of Khan (because no one but me likes the V-ger movie), and IHOP and In and Out Burger. So, free calorie Saturday was more like Free Calorie Weekend, but it was okay because I'm still down to 150 as of today. Right on target.

I've also said before that I'm not going to let my goal to lose weight and be healthy get in the way of enjoying life and special occasions. I am able to curb the amount I eat without having to count every calorie, so I don't just completely go off the wagon, but I'm not torturing myself either. It's important to have that balance.

Steve Jobs passed away yesterday, which was very sad. I'm sure you all have heard it all over the news by now. I think that it's amazing that so many people heard the news on iDevices and that it was headlined everywhere, taking up whole pages in some newspapers. It could very well have been a little blip on the radar in the last section of the newspaper about the inventor of the Apple II if Apple hadn't taken him back in the '90's. His was the greatest comeback I've ever seen and his innovation will inspire generations. Rest in Peace, Steve.

I think I'll end this blog entry on that note. Have a good evening everyone.

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