Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

I have so many plants now. I bought an air fern in SF on Sunday and it lives in a little urchin shell. My mom bought me a big old plant when she came to visit a couple of days ago. I forgot what she called it, but the name on the tag says "philodendron." It's a hangy, viney-looking thing with heart-shaped leaves. My three cacti and aloe plant are doing well. My spider plants as spidery as ever. I even added a little topsoil to the poor little Christmas cactus Chris gave me and it stopped wilting. The flowers he got me aren't looking so droopy anymore, either. I've found the right watering schedule for them, I think.

San Francisco was beautiful on Sunday. We went down there with friends Jimmy and Yazzy, taking BART at the closest station and riding into Embarcadero. We met up with some more friends and my sister and her boyfriend and shopped a bit. I found the most awesome store in history in Japantown. It's called "Daiso" and everything in it is Japanese and only a dollar-fifty or less. We went to sushi afterward, which was a ton of fun and I wore my sushi earrings I got at Claires (yes, I'm a tween), so it was fitting.

It's Spring Break, so I don't have to go to school this week, but I'll be at a Deaf Night Out event in Sacramento on Friday. I tried to bring my mom to one a couple weeks ago, but she forgot all the sign I taught her and so it was a little hard, but I have some really great friends in the Deaf community that helped her out. There were a couple times I was signing and forgot to voice for her. I felt bad, but sometimes it's just easier.

Those are my updates for the evening of April 3, 2012. Erm...I forgot to mention April Fool's Day. Chris and I changed our relationship status to "Open" on facebook and my mom freaked out. Everyone else got it. It was hilarious. Here's a link to some screenshots. I tried to go back later to take more, but we had already changed the status back and couldn't visit that comment thread anymore (fucking facebook). It was pretty classic. Anyway, have a good Spring Break, everyone.

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