Sunday, April 8, 2012

I have gained a pound.

And I am owning up to it and taking responsibility for it. I'm also going to change it. Last week was the culmination of a few weeks of slip and sliding downhill toward imminent weight-gain. I grabbed some chocolate here, sugared soda there, chose a quick, frozen pasta meal over taking the time to prepare the good stuff. And when I weighted in on Wednesday, I had gone from 142 to 143.

No more! I refuse to allow my own poor discipline and self-justification stop me from admitting my fault and getting back up on that horse! Excuses be damned. Rain cannot be an excuse not to move around for an entire day of reading and internetting. I have an apartment gym if I can't go outside. I haven't run in a few weeks, complaining that I lost my iphone holder the last time we did a deep clean of the apartment.

Today, I was going to refuse to resurrect because it is Easter, but I may need to rise again and drag my husband out for some recreational activities in our lovely little town. Maybe its time for a picnic with salad and wonderful noms.

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