Sunday, April 22, 2012

Picnic Day!

Picnic Day was a roaring success. Mom came down and the three of us went to watch the parade downtown. After the California Bacon Benedict at the Black Bear Diner, we headed on campus to explore the exhibits.

Mom bought me a shirt from the Antro club. We visited the AGASA booth where my mom got de-baptized. The fundraiser was to throw a balloon at an AGASA member to baptize them whatever religion a person wants, but I asked them to debaptize my Mormon mom for me.

We went to veterinary medicine to see kitties and reptiles, hung out at plant sciences, saw the electric and hydrogen vehicles and saw a girl get busted with alcohol and pot in the arboretum. (Picnic Day is near extinction because of the amount of drinking-related disturbances in the past few years. I have no problem with partaking, but people need to do that shit at home).

We walked downtown for Record Store Day, but went back home when the bars started overflowing. We had dinner and mom left and that was the end of Picnic Day. I've been checking the news to see if the trouble caused by the thousands of attendees from out of town was any worse than last year. We saw two people being arrested in front of The Bistro when we were walking home.

Next big event is Whole Earth. My Tye Dye dress is fitting much better these days, so I can't wait to hippy it out for that! >< I love living here.

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