Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Can't Help But Blog About This

After class tonight, I walked outside where some of my classmates were talking. There was a skinny, blond chick with glasses, smoking a cigarette and using "fuck" every few words while talking to two other chicks and a guy (they all seem pretty young to me so I feel weird calling them women and men so I'm using chick and guy). I was adjusting my light on my forehead (I rode my bike to class, have to have a light to ride at night) and would have said goodnight and walked off, but this chick caught my attention. The conversation between the four went pretty much like this:

Blonde chick: So, he sent out an email saying we couldn't fuckin speak any English before or after class in the classroom? Fuck. I didn't get any email.

Guy: He sent it out to everyone.

Other Chick: It's on your school email. Mine's linked to my regular email so I always get it. Did you connect your emails?

Blonde Chick: Yeah, but I don't fuckin check my fuckin email, haha. Fuck.

At this point I want to write facepalm on her wall but I realize I'm IRL.

Blonde chick: Well, fuck. No speaking at all in the classroom. I bet it's because it makes him super fuckin uncomfortable not to know what we're fuckin saying.

Guy: Yeah, like maybe he thinks we're calling him a moron or making fun of him.

Me (Because at this point I HAD to interject as the guy started mimicking the teacher smiling and signing, implying that he is happy only because he's ignorant to what this student thinks we might be saying in English during class): You know, he's been a student before, I'm sure he's not wondering at all what we're saying.

I chuckle. Others chuckle with me. End of that conversation.

I can't believe someone would be so ignorant and still take an ASL class. To think he gives a shit about our stupid conversations or whether we like him or not. Not even a Hearing teacher is going to care about that!! The point is that it's a LANGUAGE class. You're not going to learn sign by speaking English. The quicker this person either figures that out or drops the class, the better, but something's gotta change because they still haven't found the cure for stupid.

That's all.

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  1. I doubt they'll ever cure stupid. We've been trying for years, and people still watch Fox News.