Monday, February 21, 2011

Dream Bride

Update: I've decided against registering with Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn. Even the people I know that can afford the extremely over-priced stuff I've seen in their catalogs, I would never be so rude to assume they would want to. Just sayin'.

I went to the Dream Wedding exposition at Cal Expo this weekend. My mom took me, and we had a blast. We got a ton of info from party rentals, florists, salons, etc. My mom decided I should register at Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma. I have already started registries at Target and BB&B but might drop the latter. We'll see.
My mom is now in contact with my friends about my shower, which will be on May 7th. The rest of the details are in her hands; I don't want anything to do with planning it. She's also securing a bachelorette event for me. Perhaps a suit where me and my homies and sisters can party the night before.
I've decided that I'm going to get swatches of plaid cloth in Chris's tartan color to center on each table. White table cloths with a simple centerpiece and solid color green an blue napkins, alternating the colors.
I've decided how each toast will be introduced and who will be ushering, where I'll be before the wedding and how the guests will be directed to the reception from the outdoor area. Everything is falling into place. My mom and little sister are doing flowers and my mom already has some leads on more material. I should set up the mani-pedi appointment for the day before. I'm thinking that I should invite all three of my moms. That would be fun.
I feel like a princess. This wedding planning stuff is getting fun again now that it's not so overwhelming. I'm looking forward to cake tasting soon!

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  1. Yes!! Invite all three moms!! :) I love you Katie. I am so excited for you. Yes, things are on the move.....