Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crosswords and Scrabble Words

As much as I like Words With Friends on my iPhone 4, I still just like to relax with a good old NYT crossword puzzle. Wednesday takes me awhile, but I remember the days when Monday was hard. Hopefully, WwF will be the same way. I have gotten very, very lucky in a few games, but I'm now trying to hone my skills a little bit more. I've played with Linguistics Grad students, read some of the tips from pros, and began vocab building (which is pretty much like regular vocab building, but you run into crazy-ass words like cocafogo). I'm ready. I've beat Chris at least as many times as he beat me and I also beat my friend who spanked me last time (I just barely won, and I wonder if she wasn't going a little easy on me). Of course, I'm still staying to the tried and true strategy of "just throw letters together and hope it's a word" that worked for me for so long. Here's to word hunting!

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