Friday, February 11, 2011

Fro Yo! Yo...

After Chris bought me Chipotle he took me to Cultivé for some yummy fro yo. I accidentally had quite a lot. There was green tea, classic tart, kiwi strawberry and cake batter flavors that I wanted to try. I think I over-did it. I feel like a cow. Boy was it yummy, though.

Chris is battling my laptop. It's at least five years old and I've dropped it twice to the detriment of two power cords. Recently, the power cord near the input began separating, so chris bought me a new cord. Problem is, it didn't charge, but kept the battery from draining. We thought it was the wrong wattage, but now the old power cord isn't working as well. Sigh.

These are my Friday nights nowadays. Exciting, isn't it? If much less happened to me, I wouldn't have anything to blog about!

Anywho. If you're in Davis, check out Cultivé. That are delish.

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