Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Autumn in Davis

Yesterday was the bike ride of the century. Chris has class until after seven on Mondays, so I went solo on my adventure. I rode downtown, through the Arboretum, down Olive, and back up G street. I didn't stay on one path because I was shooting for at least a half-hour of constant cardio. I got forty minutes in before I stopped at The Artery downtown to look at some of the work they have there. I was quite impressed with the diversity of art they have there. I'll be revisiting.

I got myself a meal at Davis Noodle City. This place gives you two meals for the price of one, really. I fed Chris and I for eight bucks. I had to learn the best way to carry leftovers home on a bike with no rack, however, and it didn't look as good at home as it did when I put it in it's box. Chris didn't mind much and enjoyed it.

Today began sunny but the rain soon dripped in and so I didn't ride. I met Chris downtown after work where he was doing homework and enjoying Peet's coffee. I was driving toward downtown when all of a sudden I turned onto F street and the leaves of the trees lining the roads were lit up in their fall colors and hovering over the road. It was beautiful. It took my breath away for a second. This town is gorgeous in the fall.

After dinner at Oshio Cafe, we went home and are now just kickin' back like any ol' engaged couple. I have to make my sandwich for tomorrow and maybe hide it in the fridge because another Creature got in last night and eated the one Chris said he made for me. Darn Creature.

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  1. I like that Marriage is the biggest font under Labels. Nice..... :) xoxoxo Mom