Saturday, November 13, 2010


The Crocker Art Museum is a very old museum that once resided in a Victorian-era house on the Grid in Sac. (If you're not from the Sacramento area, that's just the colloquial term for the area downtown-"Old Sac.")

Recently, they reopened their doors after a multi-million dollar modern-art add-on. The building is incredible and is actually connected to the old buildings. It is ultra-modern looking with a bright color scheme and a mixture of curvy and straight lines. It is very impressive and their collection of modern art is enviable.

After spending hours in the Louvre in Paris this summer, I feel I can tell a good gallery. While nothing compares to the Louvre (minus the stupid pyramid), the Crocker is a welcome and appreciated establishment in the center of art and culture in the Sacramento area. The new building is also a complimentary and well-received addition to the community.

The price is right, also, at ten dollars admission for adults, eight for students and-well, I didn't actually look at the children's prices because I don't have kids and don't really care. However, on Sunday, they have a "pay what you want" policy, which everyone that I've talked to at work who lives in Sacramento says is the "free day."

Chris and I spent hours there for Veteran's Day and brought a sac lunch to enjoy by the river. We watched the Tower Bridge raise for an old ship. The horn scared the bejeezus out of me. It was only when it stopped and the bells started ringing that I realized what was happening. We watched the middle section of the bridge begin to raise as the counterweights descended. We were looking back and forth down the American River to see what was trying to get through.

We laughed when we saw it. Sails up, a masted, wooden ship was gliding down the river. They were raising the vertical lift for a pirate ship! Of course, a desperate search for the Jolly Roger and any sign of "booty" left us disappointed. This was just a regular ol' ship. Still, it was a sight to see.

After our lunch, we continued exploring the floors of the new and old Crocker museum. We had a great day and finished it off with true California cuisine: In N Out. It was a great way to spend the holiday.

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