Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

Chris and I were watching a new show and catching up on an old favorite tonight when he got tired and went to bed. I decided to stay up and wait for my clock to change. I thought it changed at 3am; I was an hour late. Now I'm up with a very anti-climactic story to tell, so I might as well blog!

The wind began to pick up a bit tonight, which is nice. It's been 70 and 80 degrees out here for the last two weeks. Even sitting outside coffee shops at night I have to take my sweater off. It's supposed to cool off soon so I went to the Target today to buy a warm weather hat. It covers my ears so that they don't hurt when I'm riding the bike through the cool air. Constant ear-aches as a kid led to them being pretty sensitive to temperature changes. Here is a picture of me wearing it:

Hi there! Fuzzy and warm, I'm sure this hat will do the trick.

I also found another creature tonight. I went in the fridge to grab a water and this little guy was in my fridge stealing mangos:

It seems he brought along his friend Pacman to help him in his crime. Glad I caught him... Then again, I don't think we actually had any mangos...

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