Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here We Go Again.

EDIT: My mom threatened to kill the plant she was taking care of for me in her yard. No really, that happened. I called her a cunt. I only reserve that word for truly ignorant fucks who purposely try to hurt me or my loved ones. She's a terrible person. Just terrible.

If you've known me awhile, you've seen me go back and forth multiple times with my mom. She has attacked me on facebook a number of times and blown things up into imagined hurts and I think she does it for attention. It happens every few months, so maybe it's a bipolar thing. She was diagnosed bipolar when I was a teenager, but insists she doesn't have it anymore.

Well, we were supposed to go to dinner today so I put off homework and Chris put off working on a presentation so we could get our house cleaned and get ready to go. She texted us at five, the time she was supposed to show up, to tell us she wasn't going to make it and wondering if we could do dinner tomorrow. Nope, I work nights now and this was the last Saturday night I'll have off for at least a month, so we told her tonight or it's not going to happen and pointed out that she was the one that told us Saturday night was good for dinner and then flaked.

She took it as rude that we pointed out her faux pas, so all of a sudden we were horrible, selfish and mean brats. Great. Here we go again. She told us she hadn't started painting a house until 2pm and that she lost track of time. That didn't really make us feel any better about it seeing as how she knew at 2pm she was running late and that we weren't important enough for her to check her watch. Long story short, we're disowned again.

Some background information abut the following screenshot: About a week ago, she had a vague, passive-agressive facebook status up that I thought was related to a text she sent me a few days prior. The gist of the text was that I don't facebook or text her enough. *sigh* It's so fucking draining to be responsible for someone else's happiness. Especially a grown-ass adult who should know better. Anyway, she insisted the facebook status wasn't about me.

My Aunt Cam didn't understand this the last time Mom and I got into it. Cam told me "She's your mother," as if that's some magic phrase that makes me responsible for making her happy by kowtowing to her. I deleted my Aunt Cam on facebook because she refused to stop chiding me online about it and because my aunt has no idea the long history behind my mom freaking out on people for imagined hurts every few months.

So that's the background on the situation, but I'd like to share a little comment my mom made to me online tonight.

As soon as we expressed our irritation with her flaking at the very time she was supposed to show up instead of calling us earlier to let us know she wasn't going to make it, she started bringing up all she's "done for us," including going to Disneyland and buying us a TV. Because apparently, buying people things means they are beholden to your every whim. Being nice to a person isn't done for the sake of being nice in her world, it's so that you'll shut up if she is ever rude to you. Sorry, but in my world, that doesn't give you a free pass to walk all over me. I had one Saturday.

Anyway, I think that second to last sentence should get her a mother of the year award, don't you think? I'm done. I've accepted apology after apology and still, every few months, she gets something up her ass and has to stir shit up. She thought there was a barrier between us due to past freak-outs of hers online. Self-fulfilling prophecy there. I have too much to worry about than to prop up my mother's fucked up, sick world. Who is the parent here? I'm just done.

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