Sunday, September 9, 2012

Two "Getting Active" Events and Other Things

I've joined "Running for Women" through the local Fleet Feet. It's a walk/run interval program that increases over time and works toward a goal race, the Turkey Trot on November 17th. Unfortunately, I'll be missing the race because that is the day I'm going to the STAR TREK CONVENTION IN SAN FRANCISCO OH MY GOD!!!!


Sorry, I'm a little excited.

I've also signed up with the American Diabetes Association for their Tour de Cure bicycle fundraiser. I've agreed to do the ten-mile family ride in Roseville on May 4th of next year, so I have plenty of time to get in shape. The booth at the air show cheered me when I signed up and gave me a shirt. It was so warm and fuzzy feeling! :) I'm riding for my dad, who has type 2 diabetes.

In October Chris and I are going to go see Richard Dawkins in Berkeley for his US tour. I'm about as excited as I get when I'm going to see a concert. I'm literally giddy. I can't wait!

A lot going on. Big, fun, exciting things! After so much hard work and adjusting to life here, I finally feel a little weight off my shoulders. I feel stable enough to be able to commit to things long term. What a feeling! It helps that I'm working four days a week instead of five now. I cut my hours from 47 to 39. It was just too much, but now I will be better rested and able to do a better job at work. Oh, and of course, Disneyland next weekend. Slap some ears on me and call me a mousekateer because I am all about having fun in Disneyland! Until next time!