Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Super Mario Bros. 3

After a long night of jumping and flying through worlds and still losing all my lives in a game that I've played since I was little, I've come to the conclusion that games were harder in the '80s than they are today. Black Ops? Pussy shit. try level 5-6 on SMB 3. Master Chief has a purty new suit, you say? Mario can turn into a frog. Just sayin'.

Chris and I have hooked up the N64, the NES and the Genesis and it is clear that the most challenging games are from these classic systems, not the console worth hundreds with a built-in blue ray player gathering dust in our cabinet. Some games are almost too hard to play, such as Battle for Olympus on NES and The Lion King on Genesis. Some are nostalgically fun for about ten minutes, like Super Mario 2 (which wasn't originally a Mario game in Japan and is nothing like any other Mario game in the world). Some classics, though, are close to the heart and challenging without being too hard. SMB 3 is one of those games.

So while our Playstation sits there, we're moving on to games like Sonic 3. Peace out everyone!

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  1. I recently played through SMB3 too. I think i may have skipped world 3 with the trusty flute, which i regret. World 7 has always given me trouble. Those damned pipes! Super mario 2 was indeed weird, but still a classic mario experience in my book. Super Mario World on the SNES will always be my favorite mario game of all time. Yoshi FTW.