Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm calm

Alright, alright. Another look at things after a full night's sleep and I am no longer freaking out about things. Chris and I got a lot done today. His mom is bringing her cutter tomorrow so we can assemble our awesome invitations that Chris designed (hint: make sure you marry a graphic designer, it's super helpful).

I didn't want to do the typical candy-almond in mesh with ribbon wedding favor that everyone throws away, so Chris's mom is doing bags that match the tartan and we're putting a chocolate in them with a wallet-size pic of Chris and I (one of the pics under "Engagement Photos" on Chris's facebook). We did three different poses so that people can compare which ones they got. It'll be like trading cards-hahah!

Only a few more thousand things to worry about until the wedding now! I'm so grateful it's down from a million. Time for dinner, peeps. Peace out.

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