Monday, August 27, 2012


My husband is an absolute gem. He's convinced me to take up tennis a couple days a week at the court at our apartments. I eventually want to get running again, but having taken a few months off, I know that this will take awhile to build back up to where I was when I stopped (fail, on my part, I should have stuck with it).

Anyway, the other day on the court Chris hit it over the fence onto the railroad tracks. He insisted I wouldn't be able to find it, which made me all the more determined. After five minutes perusing the oleander-lined fence, I found the ball and tossed it back over the fence without a word. When I came back around to the court I found my husband like this:

He said, "This tennis ball fell from the sky!" I laughed so hard and took a quick picture. He's one goofy mo-fo. That's why I married him. :)

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