Friday, November 25, 2011

I Don't Want To Talk About It

I was heartbroken this time last night. I could rant about bad refs, how we weren't on top of our game this time, how we had a short week and a long ride to Baltimore, but really, I just don't even want to talk about it. Even if we beat everyone else, including the Steelers, this game will still sting. Then again, if we beat the Steelers...

No, I won't go there. Not again. We'll clinch the Division and we'll end the regular season either 14-2 or 13-3. Hell, even if we ended 12-4, we'd be doing a thousand times better than I would have expected and it would be the first time in over a decade that the hope a new coach brought wouldn't be dashed by the end of the season (as it was with Nolan and Singletary). Then, the playoffs, which I don't even want to imagine yet...

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