Monday, November 7, 2011

Cross Fit

I've decided to keep doing Cross Fit. It wasn't an easy decision, because it's another monthly expense. I did, however, get a deal that I would not be able to get anywhere in the whole wide Cross Fit world.

I did a workout called Fran today. Twenty-one thrusters, twenty-one jumping pull-ups, followed by fifteen more of each, followed by nine more of each. My time was 6:49, I think, although my brain was cloudy at the end and I don't remember the time quite well. I will just stick with that.

I came home to flowers, homemade pizza and non-alcoholic beer (imported from Germany, not that O'Doul's crap) all from my sweet husband, who decided to surprise me tonight, just cuz.

Now it's time for tea and reruns of How I Met Your Mother. :) Good day.

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