Monday, September 26, 2011

A Magical Weekend

This weekend Chris and I went to Monterey to celebrate the marriage of our dear friends Jimmy and Yazzy. Down 17-mile drive on a little beach, we stopped and braved the wind to witness their vows (which we couldn't actually hear due to the waves crashing on the beach, but Jimmy and Yazzy heard each other, which is what was really important). I was honored to watch my dear friends cement their commitment to each other on the shore of the mighty Pacific. It was beautiful.

We arrived at the rental house in Del Rey Oaks at around 9pm on Friday night and left Sunday evening. This place was huge. I put pictures up on my facebook for my friends who want to see it. Maybe when I get around to it, I'll post them on my Picasa. There was a spa in the back that we relaxed in after our long drive. Saturday morning I woke up and jogged to the beach down Canyon Del Rey and back up to the Breakfast Club for a total of three miles.

After a yummy breakfast with Chris, Morgen and Lindsay, we all went back to the house to finish centerpieces and pack up for the reception hall. Chris had to set up the stereo equipment and I was left in charge of delegating tasks to set up tables and decorate. I don't think I'm exactly a born leader, but my friend sees something in me I don't and everything went fine. The place looked gorgeous and Yazzy and Jimmy's families were super-duper helpful and very, very sweet.

We went back to the house and got ready. After the ceremony, the sun came out, which was nice, because while Yazzy and Jimmy were doing pictures, some of us (Lindsay and I especially) had decided to frolic on the beach. We got stuck on a rock as some higher waves came in with the tide and we subsequently got our dresses wet as we leapt to shore. Finally, pictures were done and we headed to the reception.

The toasts were beautiful and the dancing was lively and the entire evening was the stuff that life is made of: joy, laughter, dance-offs, cake, delicious food, and of course, love. Oh, and of course, more spa time afterward, back at the house. The next morning we cleaned up and went to First Awakenings, which also has some really awesome food. I had the Acapulco Express, an omelette with chorizo and other yummy things, which I would highly recommend to anyone. Also, the kids' menus are coloring pages and they will give them to adults who ask for them. We all colored, it was great.

We parted ways after that, wishing Jimmy and Yazzy bon voyage on their Hawaiian honeymoon. Mo and Lindsay joined Chris and I to go exploring Cannery Row and playing by the beach. They followed us back up Highway 5 (we took 5 back to avoid the Benicia toll. The difference in gas is negligible but the toll is usually cash-only and at least five dollars). We stopped by Split Pea Anderson's for dinner because Mo drove up next to our car and started yelling that we were stopping or else.

After we got back on the road, Chris missed the 5 at the 580 split and before we knew it we were on the Altamont Pass. Woops. We could have kept going, but we still would have hit the Benicia toll, so we doubled back to 205 and finally got home at 11:30 last night. Good times. I'm so tired I can't even really see straight anymore. I think I broke some laws getting to work on time this morning after stretching my snooze-button time longer than was safe. It was a really good weekend and I am extremely happy for my two friends, who are in Hawaii right now as we speak, hopefully having the time of their lives. Life is good and beautiful and wonderful as always and it's just about time for bed.

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