Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crossfit, Week 1

Monday I decided to start using my Groupon. I got twelve classes for twenty-five dollars, which is a small portion of what they usually charge for that many Crossfit classes, which I can't find rates for on their website here, but it was close to my last car payment if I remember correctly.

I went in and we started with a warm up in three lines down "the track," which consisted of many different types of lunges, squats and hop-scotch like jumps. Next, he showed us different exercises that are included in Crossfit and explained the process of a Crossfit exercise. There were two sets of exercises that were done, the second being more intense than the first, which was mostly pull-ups and such. The second part involved throwing a weighted ball at a target on the wall while doing squats, doing squats while swinging a kettle bell, and doing these crazy, backward push-ups on a rigged-up PVC pipe. I don't know what these exercises are called and I have a bad memory anyway, but it doesn't really matter. I call them hard. We did as many of these reps as we could in ten minutes.

I really, really liked it. Afterward, the top of my thighs burned like crazy (what are those muscles called? I have no idea), and the next day I almost couldn't walk. I was really excited about it, and felt better today, so I went after work.

This time, there was a different trainer and, yes, there were a lot of people in the class, but I didn't think there were more than on Monday. So he felt that it was necessary to not actually have a Crossfit class and to do a basic Tabata instead. He didn't tell us that, I just overheard him talking to one of the "regulars" after he ended the class fifteen minutes early (I decided to use that fifteen minutes on their elliptical, because even though I got a discount, I still think that I deserve a full workout). The "regulars" were saying things like, "So you're not doing a real workout today?" and he glanced at me watching him and said, "Yeah, it's a real workout, we're just short on equipment." Tabata is 20 seconds of an exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 cycles.

We did squats, pushups, sit ups, and some running/walking intervals.  I asked him when the morning classes were so I could come when there were less people and possibly do some more exercises that I can't just do on my own in my own living room. After all, that's why I'm going to a GYM. In other words, I was kind of pissed off a bit. He said he never does morning classes, so I'm thinking that maybe I should start going on the Tuesday/Thursday 6am classes. That means waking up at 5am and driving to Sac, but I can do anything just 10 times, right? I got through the sit ups, didn't I?

So that's the end of week one. I hope that my next ten classes are a bit more serious than Jay wanted to take them. If not, I think I might write a strongly worded blog about it (that'll show 'em). One class was good, one not so good. I'll update more later.

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