Sunday, August 28, 2011


I upped my running time to three minutes and then yesterday, to four. I realized I could go longer when I would begin to run and then realize that I had forgotten to start my interval clock. So I decided to test my mile today at the Davis High track. For some reason the iMapMyRun GPS was wildly inaccurate, as you can see on the website. Their bike app seems to be pretty spot on, so I might shoot them an email and let them know. Anywho, it was a thirteen minute mile, which isn't anything special, but I did run continuously for thirteen minutes, which is freakin' amazing to me.

Now that I've done it I can't go back to three and four minute runs, though. I'm really on my way to a 5k, though.


  1. Katie! You are so awesome!! I am so happy for you and Chris to be healthy! :) You are so wonderful. I admire you very much. I love you.

  2. Oh Yeah, congratulations on the measurements. CRAP!! That's awesome!