Sunday, March 6, 2011

Leonard Marvin Graham

Tyler and Andrea came down to Davis yesterday so Chris and Ty could practice for the upcoming Sincerely, Me acoustic show. Andrea and I usually hang out downtown or peruse Petco for squees and cuteness. I noticed that there were some fine looking betta fish at Petco. The male crown tale struck my eye and it was only $7.99, but much more interesting than even the majestic half-moon double-tail for $14.99.  On a whim, I texted Chris.
"You want a betta fish?"
He answered, "Not really."
I texted back "ok," and moved on to the reptiles. About a minute later I received another message from him: "If u wanna take care of it."

That sounded like a big fat YES to me, so I grabbed a tank, food, water drops, and the crown tail and headed to the register. On the way home, I decided he looked more like a Leo than a Marvin, the latter being my first choice in name, so I named him Leonard Marvin Graham. Andrea wrote his name on his tank for him. We call him Leo for short. He spent an hour poking around at the dry-erase marker on his tank. He's super smart, and he flares up very quickly in front of a mirror. He's no wimp.

He's only eaten one pellet so far. I fed him last night and tried again this morning. No luck. He spits them out which leads me to believe they are too hard for him, so I might go get him some blood worms and see how he reacts to those. Of course, if he's not hungry, he's not hungry. I am, though, and I'm going to have breakfast now.


  1. He's awesome Katie!! Congratulations on your fishie.... :)