Thursday, March 17, 2011


I had a dream last night. The logic of dreams is never very-well...logical, so bare with me. I was with my family and Chris. I had been living with Chris for awhile and he was my fiancé, just like IRL, right? So I'm sitting there and I realized I hadn't talked to my boyfriend, who was also Chris, in a long time. The image of each was the same, but I didn't realize they were the same person...yet. I thought about how happy I was with Chris (fiancé) that I completely neglected to even ask Chris how he was doing. So I picked up my iPhone (yes, even in my dreams I have an iPhone) and I was going to text him, when I suddenly realized that both Chris's were the same person.

Talk about DEEP! Here I am in this relationship. Chris and I were together for four years before he proposed and we moved in with each other. The relationship has morphed and changed over the years and now there's a new dynamic. I'm reconciling those different aspects of the relationship and realizing that though we change and our circumstances change, it's still us, it's still him, it's still real. I'm so madly in love. I'm going to go eat the corned beef and cabbage my wonderful fiancé made for us tonight. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!

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