Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I made myself a Youtube video. I've never uploaded one before. It's cute, go watch it:

Chris is learning my favorite Led Zeppelin song on guitar right now, Over the Hills and Far Away, and is finding it much more difficult than he anticipated. Thanks a lot, Jimmy Page.

I'm making Casserolé tonight, which is the Enchilada Casserole recipe Chris's mom gave me. It's his all-time favorite meal and there have been times since we moved to Davis where I've made it for him twice in one week. It's that awesome.

It's not been the greatest week for me at work. Stress. That's all I am allowed to say about my day. By law.

ASL is super fun. I think the best thing about learning foreign languages is that it's a brand-new way to express myself. I was thinking about staying home last night because I had such a crappy day at work, but once I got there, I had a blast and I'm really glad I went. I made a video on me telling "The Lumberjack Story," but Chris has to convert it before I can post it onto Youtube to show everyone. I did it with the camcorder instead of my iPhone.

The sweet smell of tomatoes, chicken and enchilada sauce beckons me, so I must wrap it up soon. I cleaned Leo's tank and put in the rocks and plants that I bought for him. He still refuses to eat pellets so I'm feeding him bloodworms for now. He won't survive on just that forever, so I'm going to have to figure something out. I will keep you all posted.  Dinner time!

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