Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Plant Updates

I have three spider plants my great-grandmother gave me. One lived in a glass for two years. It's potted now and doing well.

One of the other two plants started growing rapidly. I have been watching it, curious about the height of the leaves and the robustness of it. I suspected it was growing babies very close to the main plant.

My suspicions proved correct and I was hoping they'd branch out a little more before I cut them. Well, they didn't grow out, they grew up. One of them has a very deep root and the other two just shot up high. The main plant, however, has small, thin leaves. The babies were too much for it, so I had to remove them.

I took the two large babies and put them in a plastic cup. The one with the root I left, hoping the two plants can coexist. I suppose we'll find out. If anything, at least one will survive.

The jade cutting my mom gave me is finally starting to get two little white shoots at the bottom. It's been over a month since my mom sent me home with it. I finally gave up on my Christmas cactus and so it has a pot it can live in when it's ready.

The philodendron is also growing and so I've had to pinch quite a bit so it doesn't grow too long or bushy. If I ever get a chance to hang it, I'll let it grow longer.

My air an air fern. I'm not sure it's even a plant. It just sits there. I spray it from time to time. It never changes.

I don't really know what I'm doing. The only plants I've ever been able to keep alive were spider plants, my oldest lasting five years before it died. We'll see how these two babies turn out. I feel lucky all my plants have survived this long.

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