Sunday, July 29, 2012


I have killed my aloe plant and (probably) my rebutia krainziana. I was keeping my cacti and succulents in the original pots and soil they came in from the store, and I don't think they were draining well. I've now transplanted them all, including the Christmas Cactus Chris got me, in hopes that they will stay lively. The aloe plant was unsalvageable, it was rotting from the inside out. I bought a new one today when I went to get new soil and pots for my little guys. Spider plants and philodendron are still doing just fine, though I want to transplant the philodendron soon, or at least replace the soil. I've noticed when buying plants that the soil they come with isn't always in the best shape. I keep you updated on the krainsiana while I peruse reddit's r/plants forum for helpful tips.

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