Monday, February 4, 2013

So I have this step brother

UPDATE: Apparently, the bullshit comment stated below was an inside joke between my step brother and my dad, so I deleted my comments and apologized. I left it at that, but I also had to explain to my stepmom that my reaction didn't come from nowhere, and that it had been influenced by other comments that he's made online.

And he's an asshole. He always has been. Arrogant, cocky, ignorant, know-it all conservative with a serious chip on his shoulder over his parents' divorce.

Last year, he was hit on the head by some very large pipes that fell off a truck he was loading. He wasn't wearing a hard-hat and he ended up with bleeding on his brain stem.

He's recovering well, gaining movement and feeling in his face. He can walk and talk but needs to have his food pureed still. It seems as if his cognitive abilities (the little he had) have not been effected by the accident. He suffers no memory loss except for the accident itself and he "has his wits about him," so to speak.

Of course, he's not working anymore, which means he gets to spend more time on facebook. I had blocked him long ago after he got drunk on Thanksgiving, broke my father's table and yelled that my dad was the worst thing to happen to his mom (because she was so much better off living with this schizophrenic father? Ok). I recently unblocked him because there was a family photo from Christmas that he had commented on and I wanted to see what he had said. The only reason I knew he had commented was because my stepmom had commented after him, "Now, Brian..." The comment was some off-hand remark about how terrible it must be hanging around a "bunch of liberals."

Since then, he's commented on other pictures, including one where me and my little sister are laughing our heads off to which he suggested we go ride the short bus. He knows what field I work in, as well, and knows I don't appreciate humor which demeans people who have developmental disabilities.

Recently, my dad (who isn't often on facebook) wrote a really nice status update about his birthday and the Super Bowl, getting to spend time with family, despite the fact that the Niners lost (next year, bitches, next year). My step brother's response? "Hope you like the bullshit!"

Really, motherfucker? My stepmom is nice, but she did no good with that one. He's stolen their car and savings before, went AWOL from the Navy, has a gambling addiction and always gets treated like some fucking miracle of god because the doctors made the mistake of telling her she couldn't have children before she ended up getting pregnant with him.

Shouldn't there be some kind of step-sibling approval process before parents can remarry?

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