Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 Days

Filling out my forms for my name change. Not exactly the most fun thing about wedding planning. I can't just call Homeland Security? No, I have to notify everyone with forms I have to get by filling out more forms. Bleah.

I've joined a credit union. Banks have to give money to shareholders. Credit unions don't. Banks charge for checking to make up for the gap created by the government trying to stop them from screwing people over. Credit unions don't. Banks do things like involve themselves in toxic assets and high-risk mortgages. Credit unions don't. All pluses on this side, it seems, so hey, fuck the banks.

Chris and I put together our ceremony and are working on our vows. I'm excited. Things are really coming along. Rehearsal dinner this weekend to get the last details straightened out. I think I know where I'm getting my shoes, finally. Ten days. My goodness.

I'm a little stressed. I was getting sleep this week but still feeling tired in the afternoons, so I made some coffee tonight at around six and here I am still up. I'm not worried, however, as it seems that no matter how early I go to bed, I still feel tired the next day. I'm thinking this will pass. What will also pass is my inability to cook certain things. I somehow burned brockwurst tonight while trying to cook it on a George Foreman Grill (would have work with kielbasa) and had to go out instead. Chris and I enjoyed a meal at Rostini's, a little pasta joint at the Marketplace. All's well that ends well.

Chris got his free PS3 games from the PSN. Now that his papers and finals are done, he can unwind from the quarter by playing them. That means a lot of down time for me, as well, tumblring and doing my general time-wasting (like right now). Fun stuff. I'm ready for summer, for being a wife, for going to Disneyland, for finally getting back to beating L.A. Noire. Right now, I'm ready for bed. Goodnight world.

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