Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Battle of the Antenna

The Niners were playing the Panthers today, but here in the People's Republic of Davis the antenna signal isn't all that great, so our access to the game was limited. We got about halfway through the second half with the reception going in and out before Chris, my fiancé, got tired of it and ran to Target to get a new antenna. The results were disappointing.

We are able to get channel 31, but the game wasn't on channel 31, it was on 40, which is impossible to pick up no matter how new the antenna. We are now the proud owners of two antennas and have been using our laptops to catch updates on our twitters and They lost.

On the upside, The Wrath of Khan is on, so we're enjoying our lunch and watching William Shatner at the height of his career. So much for gameday, but we're having fun discussing the strategical disadvantages of the Enterprise.

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